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I know you don't want to hear this but... pricing depends on the project.

Here are some ideas of the going rates* for different types of work.

Short blog post (500 - 800 words): CAD$150 - $400

Longer blog posts (1000+ words): CAD$400 - $670+

Ghostwriting short e-books: Starting at CAD$670+

Proofreading CAD$35 - $45 / hr

Web Copy pricing is very project specific. It depends on a set of elements such as time spent on briefing, discussions, research and competitor review, copywriting, revisions, and proofreading. A project can range from 'directive' to 'creative' web copy. Each client is different, some people have a very precise idea and request, others need a little more exploring and guidance. Either way, the tone and message are primordial and have to be worked to perfection. Prices start at CAD$1895.

Real Estate Listings (MLS + Social Media)


Creative MLS Description - CAD$295 for 3 listings


Proofreading MLS Descriptions or Social Media Posts (watch out for those typos!) - CAD$45 / hr

Don't be shy! Reach out, leave me a message and let's get on a complementary 30min call to discuss how I can help make your grammatical life a little easier.

* All prices are exclusive of HST. Every invoice will include an added 13% HST.

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