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Are you running out of breath by running your one-woman-show… all… the… time (pant, pant, gasp)?


Trying to juggle all aspects of your business all on your own?


Starting to forget stuff because your brain needs more RAM and a few tera-bites?


Do you need exclusive content and expertly engage your audience, without the time to do it?


Maybe you cringe just thinking about the next blog post, what to say and how to say it. 


Or you’d rather be spending time with your kids or designing your next project instead of spending quality time with your keyboard? 

(I don’t blame you!)

Perhaps you aren’t confident about your English or your writing skills, or you just don’t have enough time


I get it, it’s not always easy to express our emotions and thoughts in a way others can really understand what we mean. That’s why I’m here. To make that part easy for you. You talk to me, I put it together.

Speeches. Blog posts. Content. Ghost written pieces. Creative projects.


In. Your. Voice.


I studied business management at King’s College London, and Human Resources at Brunel University.

Taught “Communication, Awareness, & Leadership” at Solvay Business School Brussels’ MBA Program. Spoke in front of large audiences + some weddings. Certified as Integral Development Coach + Associate Certified Coach (ICF) helping women develop personally + professionally. Studied Strategic Psychotherapy. Don’t worry… I can only know your thoughts if you actually tell me.


Gave birth twice.


I live in Toronto, Canada, with three VIPs… my two little girls, and my first puppy love - Che the Chihuahua.

I mostly work on my dinner table even though I have an office, and have to find another corner for my lunch!

I have knowledge, personal experience, and interest in:


Personal development

Integrative health and eating


Real Estate

Leadership and Communication

Integral Development Coaching

Inspirational speech writing

Training Content

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