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I bibbidi bobbidi 

boo words
on paper or screen, so you don't have to.


This is me

Hi! I’m Karen, a petite Brazilian with a charming type, making my way by forging words craftily put together to say exactly what you are thinking + how you feel, in a way that excites and informs your audience.

Short Copy Ghostwriting  Writing   Blogging 

 e-Books   Social Media  Training Content   Simple Editing/Proofreading  Creative Content for Development Programs

I help busy entrepreneurs and women of impact, excite and inform their audience, change perceptions, spread messages, compel people to act, and speak their damn mind. Especially if English is not their first language.

Copying Down

It’s time to stop the sweat and tears (keep the blood though). 


Pouring it all into your business will seriously dehydrate you.


Women Entrepreneurs are 24/7 goddesses who are taught to haul ass on their own, manage their motivation, write their own content, and run their business without asking for help - and it’s costing them thousands of hours in time, creativity, self-care, connected relationships, and focus.


I creatively bibiddi-bobbidi-boo words on paper (or screen) so you don’t have to… You could say I’m a little like a “fairy type-mother” 


And like Cinderella you’re a busy entrepreneur, getting tired of taking care of EVERYTHING on your own… (business, kids, feeding the dog…)


I inject more freedom + meaning in your life, while we develop your online presence (even past the strike of midnight).



There may be no such thing as magic, but making deadlines, acting responsibly, working well with people, and true professionalism are respectably miraculous talents to have. So you can run your business, and I can run the words.


Here are some clients I've worked with...

Clients &


Recent Testimonials


Vanessa Kandyioti, Jewelry Designer, Author & Meditation Teacher

Karen will challenge you so that she can translate what you wish to say, in a clear and authentic way.


She is kind, hardworking, accurate and a joy to be around. I highly recommend working with such a sharp and honest woman.


Paula Le Moult, Founder & Creative Director of Lily Franco

Working with Karen is exciting.  Not only is she very smart, sensitive, charismatic and elegant with the way she chooses her words, she is above all a quick at turnover.


The press release she wrote for my brand, was done in such a slick, chic yet cool and efficient way. The result was beyond expectation. She gets what you want, even before you do.

Agatha Screenshot.png

Agatha Degasperi,  

Mind/Body Movement Instructor Functional Medicine Health Coach

If you are thinking about working with Karen, then don't hesitate any further. She is thoughtful, insightful and has an uncanny ability to turn your thoughts into words in a witty, smart and authentic way.

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